Electronic Log Books for Truck Driver

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August 9, 2017

Electronic Log Books for Truck Driver

Electronic Log Books for Truck Driver

Electronic Log Books

Electronic Log Books

Electronic Log Books: Commercial vehicle drivers are always required to track their hours of service. With this it is impossible to check out that which driver is on the roads for too long. If someone is driving for long there are high chances that they will suffer from fatigue and hence risk of fatal accidents on the roads increases. These logs where the driver noted their hour of service were known as paper logs and they were done manually.


Need for change in paper log books to electronic log book

Now, with the change in technology there is change in these logs too. These changes are required for various reasons. Like, most of the time it was found that the log time and date were changed according to convenience. Moreover, there are cases when two log books are maintained. In such cases it was not possible to trace that what are the actual hours of service of any individual driver!

Thus, after checking out the varied options it is made mandatory that every truck driver is needed to maintain electronic log books. The benefits of using these log books are that the data will be captured automatically and it will be saved in database. So, no one can put in data as per their choice and it will be possible to monitor that if any driver is not completing their hours of duty before they start taking rest.


Theories about ELD

After it had been made mandatory that from December 2017 every truck driver need to maintain electronic log book there are certain thoughts that are developed among the drivers.

Like, many drivers feel that with ELD in action they will become less productive, as else they could have driven for longer hours than getting tired. The truth is that they will get more time to drive as they do not have to spend their valuable time in doing paper work. Its true that those drivers who were driving for more hours will be stopped, but then the risk of accident due to fatigue will also be controlled.

Many drivers also fear that government will be able to track their truck. However the truth is that only government agencies who are authorized to do so can track the truck. And if there is no problem in operation of the truck then why should one worry that whether their truck is tracked. Moreover, in case of personal work it can be tracked only within 10 km vicinity.

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